A lifestyle in perfect balance

Well-balanced and complete experiences across six- core pillars: Art With Me, Dance With Me, Eat With Me, Breath With Me, Play With Me, and Care With Me.

We have found that combining art with human connection creates impactful and lasting experiences.

These moments of inspiration and wonder enhance the way we see and interact with the world.

This broadened awareness leads towards beneficial changes in our behavior.

Our attendees are fortunate to bring this mindfulness back to their daily lives, relationships, and communities.

Art is the central theme at Art With Me and eloquently ties together all the other pillars within the event.

Art With Me brings together a huge array of visual artists who will build jaw-dropping installations that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding areas.

Producing projects in different mediums, Art With Me has built installations featuring international names like “Cocolab” with an illuminating Lighting Installation, monumental sculptures by Laura Kimpton and Kate Raudenbush, and captivating films by “Ayahuasca” maker Jan Kounen to name a few.

However – Art with Me is far more than artists showcasing their amazing works. It’s an Opportunity to discuss where art is going in the future and a deep exploration of its origins.

Examples of lectures include a talk by Carl Abbot, one of America’s most renowned architects, whom delivered an impactful presentation about his frequent travels around the Yucatan searching for inspiration; as well as workshops on collecting art, how to properly appraise pieces.

$5K – $300K


Sponsor an artist to show their work at the festival

Prominent mention in main event press release as artist sponsor

Branded instagram posts per festival day by participating artists

Brand signage on-site at art piece

Prominent logo placement on festival website

1x logo placement (shared with all other sponsors) within the official after-movie

1x mention in the official partners press release

1x mention in the official after-event press release


  • Mckinsey estimates the global wellness market at more than $1.5 trillion with an annual growth rate of 5-10%*


  • Webring together facilitators and guides that help our guests reconnect with the core values of mindfulness: a Grateful Heart, an Enriched Spirit, and a Peaceful Mind.