Art With Me is an international arts, music and cultural festival curated to inspire us to be more connected to ourselves and build awareness about the environmental issues that affect us locally and globally. It is a community-driven festival that curates art, talks, music, wellness and cultural experiences as a platform to inspire change and foster awareness amongst attendees. The festival debuted in 2018 with the goal of uniting businesses, tourists and the local community to spearhead environmental and cultural initiatives for the benefit of Tulum. Our 2020 festival is bigger and better than ever.

We have gathered some of the most prominent venues in Tulum to host a collection of experiences that highlight artistic innovations across a variety of platforms…culinary, visual, cultural and experiential, all to draw attention to the  environmental issues that affect us locally and globally.

It is our mission to forge alliances that have a direct impact on local infrastructure and sustainability, with better business practices and municipal support. The festival weaves together an eclectic mix of experiences imagined by world-renowned artists, live and electronic music acts, speakers, yoga teachers, mindfulness leaders, and top chefs using art as a lens to examine our impact on the world around us.

The five-day immersive journey consists of larger-than-life art installations, interactive art experiences, inspiring talks, culinary pop-ups, unforgettable parties, intimate live concerts wellness workshops and activities for kids. Join us as we  take over Tulum’s beaches, jungles, most beloved venues, hotels, and restaurants to deliver a one of a kind festival experience to heighten your awareness and enchant your senses.

ART WITH ME is an immersive experience built around six pillars.


Instalations and art exhibits woven throughout the pristine landscape


It is our mission to forge alliances that have a direct impact on local infrastructure and sustainability, with better business practices, municipal support, and a commitment to the regeneration of our planet.


Local / international live music & performances.


A wellness program including Mayan and Cacao Ceremonies, Women and Men’s Circles, Plant Medicine Healing, Drum Circles, Ayurveda Workshops, and more.


Kids programming with inspiring activities, yoga, wellness and art experiences.


Mexican and international chefs collaborating with local restaurants to showcase unique menus, exclusive tastings and incredible dining experiences.

“Tulum’s Art With Me Festival instantly becomes a world-class event”



Sustainability is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level avoiding the depletion of natural resources. This is in order to maintain an ecological balance. “The municipality of Tulum will be the first sustainable tourism zone (ZDTS) within a month in the state of Quintana Roo,” according to The Yucatan Times. This will be the first step towards preserving what is left of the earth’s ability to sustain life. We are active partners in protecting Tulum and we want your participation in this cause. The earth is all of our concern.

In 2018, we introduced Care with me to help an ongoing effort to contribute to Tulum’s sustainability.

While Tulum remains an ecological refuge from  overdevelopment, its accelerated growth has expedited the need for immediate consideration and resolution of environmental concerns. We have been supporting, developing and implementing a Solid Waste Management Plan for Tulum, and work closely year round with the local community. Through the Festival Green Practices we’ve reduced the environmental impact including the removal of over 25 tons of recyclable plastic waste from the beaches and local community. Additionally we curate talks, workshops, art activities & significant events during the festival to inspire sustainable actions for our future and help grow worldwide alliances to generate an even greater impact.