This pledge provides suggestions for small changes you can make in your daily life to make a big difference. You may already practice some of these Green activities. In that case, try to pick ideas new to you, or make your own—one of the goals of this pledge is for each person to try new things.

It’s easy to feel like you can’t personally make a difference to help the environment. Don’t forget: each of us is part of a much larger community, consisting of thousands of individuals. Combine those individual efforts with the Care w/me initiatives, and the result will be a stronger, more sustainable Tulum.

Take the Pledge

I hereby commit to the following action items

  • Use cloth bags, not plastic ones.

  • Avoid all single-use plastics: bags, bottles, cups, straws, cutlery, plates, cups, etc.

  • Be vocal! Request that your hotel or restaurant stop using single-use plastics. The more noise you make, the faster we can impact a change.

  • Bring your own portable water bottle. Several venues in Tulum have water dispensers.

  • Do not leave a trace. Leave the place as you found it; If you have garbage keep it until you can find a trash can.

  • Do not dispose of cigarette butts on the ground, find an ashtray, trash or garbage can.

  • Seek out certified green establishments.

  • Choose walking or a bicycle over a car. Several venues have bikes for guests or it is cheap to rent one. If you drive or take a taxi, please carpool.

  • Reduce your water and energy consumption whenever possible.

  • Specify if you do not want your towels and sheets washed.

  • No toilet paper should ever be flushed in any Tulum toilet.

  • Never wear any sunscreen when swimming in Cenotes or at the beach. The chemicals in sunscreen are toxic to the environment damaging our fragile Cenotes and coral reef. Organic sunscreen is okay.

  • Reduce your environmental impact by being a guardian of natural resources, especially mangrove forests, wetlands and coral reefs.

  • In protected areas, access only the places open to visitors.

  • Motivate other travelers through blogs or social networks to share this pledge.

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