Puntos Limpios Program

What is Puntos Limpios?

Puntos Limpios are facilities for the reception, temporary storage and transfer of recyclable materials. They will be installed in 12 neighborhoods as the initial phase of the municipal capital of Tulum. To work properly, each Punto Limpio will have activities for awareness, education and training for the separation and use of the Punto Limpio. Also, have regular collection logistics and keep the space in good condition. We also seek to influence through art with a mural in each neighborhood.

Program Objectives

  • Socialize education and communication programs resulting from the diagnosis of
    Social perception in Solid Waste
    , carried out in 2018 by the collaborative organization
    with the ART WITH ME Festival

  • Promote the reduction and separation of recyclable materials through actions of
    education and training with the neighbors, for the good use of the clean point of each colony

  • Reduce the amount of recyclable waste that is sent to the landfill by subtracting it
    time of life

  • Prepare the population for the implementation stage of the comprehensive management program of
    municipal solid waste PGIRS

  • Generate data that will be useful in the construction of the PGIRS

  • Link the issues of health, environment and economy to the management of Solid Waste



With Centinelas del Agua A.C

In partnership with Centinelas del Agua A.C we will work with the natural leaders of each colony in a workshop visiting a cave system and its natural environment, where they can go deeper into the dynamics of the aquifer and in everything that happens from the surface to the veins of the underground rivers. With this proposal, called “As is Above is Below”, we will generate more sensitization in the promoter groups of the Points Clean of each colony.

Education & Assessment for adults and kids

With Bio Hogar

For this work we have with the participation of Bio Hogar who will take care of the approach with neighbors through visits house by house and community activities.

Kids Program (PGRIS)

With Flora Fauna and Culture of Mexico A.C

For the children’s program we are making alliance with Flora Fauna and Culture of Mexico A.C., organization who has a job very important in environmental education. We will adapt your “Only if you mix it it’s Garbage” to our program of education and activities.

Gathering of recyclables

With SMEC Cancun

The collection will be weekly in the high participation cases and it will adapt in each colony. This very important aspect will be covered by SMEC thanks to agreement generated for this specific program and the collaboration relationship that has been building sincea couple of years ago between Company and Sustainable Tulum. 

The program will be developed for one year, one month per colony. At the same time, the coordinating team, leaving a colony active, that is to say already trained and with infrastructure, will give Start to a new clean point. It will be tracked and accompaniment to the colonies for a year. The content in the information shared with the population will be aligned with the integral solid waste management program of municipality, where one of the main objectives of the Education and Communication programs is the linking of aspects of HEALTH, ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT AND INCLUSION. For this reason, the same image will be used and will be approved at each of the clean points, in order to create a local identity of Solid Waste.