What is Art with me//GNP?

Art With Me//GNP is a community-driven arts and culture festival centered around the celebration of art in all its forms, with an intention to enrich the local community, preserve the natural environment, and strengthen the artistic development of Tulum thorough conscious and sustainable practices.

A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to support our environmental commitment to Tulum through the Care With Me which is our environmental outreach and awareness program.

What is included in a ticket?

  • Live musical performances every night.

  • Art installations and exhibits.

  • Workshops and interactive experiences designed for all ages.

  • Hosted content sessions with world class speakers discussing conservation and sustainability.

  • Wellness practices, workshops, and Mayan cultural experiences.

When can I see the full schedule?

The full schedule is not yet available. We have released the phase 1 line-up which can be viewed on our Dance With Me page. To receive updates about all lineup and programming announcements at artwithme.org or follow us on Instagram @artwithmetulum or Sign Up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets via our ticketing site or purchase tickets along with accommodations via all inclusive packages provided by our hotel partners. You will also be able to purchase tickets at local box office locations in Tulum TBD.

Where are the box offices located?

This is our Main Box Office and Welcome Center – stop here for the full experience.

click for location


click for location

+ Are the tickets refundable or transferable?

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred. If you transfer your tickets to someone else, please give them a copy of your ID so they can present it at the Box Office when checking in.

+ Can I buy a single day pass for the festival?

Yes – We are selling single day passes for Art With Me//GNP that will be available one month before the festival when we release the full schedule.

+ Do you have tickets available for Tulum residents?

Yes, we have discounted local tickets available that you can purchase at our box office locations and online via a promo code. You will need ID and proof of residency such as a local utility bill or ID with a local address on it. Locals tickets are only available to Tulum and surrounding area residents and are not available to all Playa Del Carmen residents. Click here to apply.

+ Does Art with me//GNP offer free programming?

Yes, we offer free for the public art, talks and concerts. As part of our mission ⅓ of ticket revenue is allocated towards free programming for local Tulum residents and visitors. We realize that even with reduced ticket prices that many people in our community can’t afford to participate in Art With Me//GNP. This is why we offer a strong selection of free events and art for the community. Art With Me//GNP is one of the only festival events of its kind that offers free community programming. We believe that it is important to give back to Tulum and do what we can to bring together people to preserve this beautiful paradise.

Free Programming:

  • WED, April 22: Town Pavilion Concert

  • WED, Town Pavilion @ Casa de Cultura: Art, Workshops, Music, Film, Panel Discussions 

  • SUN, April 26: Beach Pavilion: Art, Workshops, Music, Panel Discussions

  • SUN, April 26: Large-scale Art on Beach at various locations

More details will be available in late March.

+ How can I participate?

We are accepting applications for volunteers. Please fill out the form. and include your name, contact info, skills and what you think you would be good at. Volunteers receive free tickets to the event.

Volunteer Art and Musical Performances
We are accepting applications for free performances, exhibits, art or musical acts. Please fill out the form.



+ What are the recommended accommodations and hotel partners for the festival?

We have partnered with select hotels in Tulum who are providing accommodations and experiences for festival attendees. They have reserved rooms specifically for festival goers and a portion of festival related hotel revenue is donated to Care With Me’s environmental initiatives. For a full list of hotels please visit our guest services page.

+ What is Care With Me?

Care With Me is a permanent effort to contribute to Tulum’s sustainability. While Tulum remains an ecological refuge from overdevelopment, its accelerated growth has expedited the need for immediate consideration and resolution of environmental concerns. As our first goal, we are helping to solve the SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT issue that threatens our natural surroundings. We are developing a program based on diagnosis, strategy and operations to minimize the environmental impact through reduction, separation and recycling. It is being done in conjunction with the private sector, the municipality, NGOs and citizens.

Art With Me *GNP “Presented by TANE” will host a variety of art experiences, talks and activities that will encourage visitors to consider their consumption and disposal of plastic and activate a change in their habits while in Tulum and back home.

For any additional inquiries, email us: info@artwithme.org