Getting To Tulum

Tulúm is located approximately 81 miles [131 km] from Cancún Airport (CUN) and takes approximately 90-110 minutes to get there.

Recommended transportation service

From the airport:

  • Taxi/Car service from airport direct to hotel in Tulúm

  • Take ADO or other bus line to Playa del Carmen, transfer to Tulúm bus or Colectivo (marked shuttle van)

  • Airport Transfer services – Book through hotel (if applicable)

From Cancun City/Tourist Zone:

  • Bus south on Hwy 307 from Cancun bus station to Tulúm

  • Take the Colectivo/Playa Express in Cancún to Playa del Carmen and transfer there to Tulúm bus or Colectivo

NOTE: The coastal city of Playa del Carmen (halfway between Cancún and Tulúm), is the area’s main transportation junction.

From Playa del Carmen:

  • Bus [from Playa del Carmen ADO bus station], get off in Tulúm proper then take taxi to your hotel or ruins (ruins are north of the city and easily accessible)

  • Colectivo from Highway 307 or downtown Playa del Carmen (calle 2 between avenues 20 and 25), get off in Tulúm then take taxi to your hotel or walk to the ruins

  • Taxi from any point in Playa del Carmen to Tulúm, hotel, or ruins etc.

From Palenque, Chetumal, Felipe Carrillo Puerto or From the Interior [Uxmal, Ticul] and West Campeche, Merida]:

Seven days a week, the ADO busline runs first-class buses along a route from Palenque to Cancun [right through Tulúm. There are also 2nd and 3rd class buses that run these routes. We recommend first-class for speed, convenience and comfort. They are still quite inexpensive!

Bus Information

There are two bus terminals in Tulúm. One is near the Pemex station and is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm. The ADO station is located in town and is open 24hrs. Both provide first & second class bus service. The colectivo also stops in town on Hwy 307. You can take the colectivo from Tulúm to Playa del Carmen, which is a very cheap option and fairly comfortable. However, the drivers try to make the trip as quickly as possible and it is usually not a smooth ride (not exactly for the faint-of-heart)!


As you exit the airport there are two main taxi stands. (Easy to spot! Just look for the line-up of taxis.) Usually you do not have to search long or even call to request a taxi, as they will approach you looking for fares. There are affordable transfers to Tulúm from the airport but be aware that you can get multiple prices, so bargaining is always the order of the day.