Matt Caines

Matt Caines is a creative producer, extending his roots through music, experiential design, and the built environment.

A New York native, he has produced events internationally, leading teams from all over the world to create a haptic and participatory space that moves people, causes a reaction, instigates change.

The power of Caines is his ability to persuade you – simply by feeling the music. His style is sophisticated, evoking emotion through rhythmic vocals and a curated atmosphere, be it water-side melodies or warehouse deep. He has mastered his main spark; acutely sensitive to momentum, his music unleashes your human animal, playing with musical triggers to propel the crowd into their natural balance of movement and ritual.

Caines continues to explore the power of musical platforms by pushing cultural exchanges of new sounds, living a nomadic lifestyle around the world. With an initiative to connect purpose and place, he has humbly joined the team of Art With Me (Tulum) as Executive Producer. His personal ethos and musical curations prove just this: “Greatness can only come from knowing the fine balance of our limitations and walking that edge with unwavering confidence and conviction. The more we experience that edge, the better we become.”