“We’re all in this together”

Masks will be mandatory for all inside the event unless you are eating.

Security will be enforcing these guidelines throughout the event but we ask for everyone to take responsibility for our collective health and safety.

Paramedics & ambulance will be on site at all times in case of an emergency.

Event staff is supplied with PPE and will be required to wear face masks and shields when interacting with other staff or guests.

All guests and staff will follow CDC regulated social distancing guidelines.

Art With Me Policies:


Thermal Temperature will be checked upon entry

Hand Sanitizer will be available on-site

Restrooms will be provided and disinfected after each use

Tickets will be digital (Your Phone)

Everywhere ( Entrance, Exits, Bars, Food Stations, Walkways, Restrooms etc)

Special isolation facilities (ambulance) in case anyone shows any symptoms of the virus

No CASH will be accepted at this event. We use a wristband cashless system for the entire festival.

Venue: Site Safety

All high touch surfaces will be disinfected every hour, and the entire site will be cleaned following EPA guidance

Trained and licensed security personnel will be on site to prevent unauthorized entry of any kind and to keep people safe from others and themselves

Guidelines will be given in activity areas to help guests maintain a safe social distance.


All Staff will be required to sanitize & wash hands every 15 Minutes

All Staff will be required to wear a Face Masks.

All surfaces & equipment will be cleaned every 15 minutes

Staff will be tested every day before returning to work


Activities and programming will be primarily outdoor

All shared objects will be disinfected between uses with alcohol and disinfectant

Non plastic Single use items will be utilized when possible.

Indoor spaces will be properly ventilated.

Where applicable seating arrangements will be spaced 6 ft Apart.

Food and Beverage:

All vendors will wear personal protective equipment (Face Masks & Shield) while distributing food.

All equipment,, food and beverage will be properly disinfected before entering the event site.

All meals will be plated and packaged in accordance with current health and safety guidelines.

Single use biodegradable containers & Utensils must be use to serve all food.

Preventative Maintenance:

All participants are recommended to keep a contact tracing and activity log 14 days prior to the event.

All participants are required to certify they do not live with, and will avoid contact with “People at a higher risk for severe illness” per CDC guidelines for 14 days prior to traveling

Will Call & Box Office:

All Staff will be required to sanitize every 5 to 10 Minutes

Staff will wear a Face Masks & Shield

All surfaces & equipment will be cleaned every 15 minutes

Hand Sanitizer will be available for guest

Guest will queue every 6ft


Sanitizer at all times

All Staff will be required to sanitize every 5 to 10 Minutes. They will carry a small sanitizer bottle with them at all times.

Staff will make sure people following our event guidelines or the person will have to leave the premises.

Staff will wear a Face Masks & Shield at all times