Care With Me

Giving back to the Community and preserving Tulum’s environment

Tulum’s natural environment is proof that heaven is a place on earth, but only if we choose to help preserve it.

It is our duty as stewards of earth to plant the seeds of sustainability that will cause a ripple effect that will propel our collective conscious and begin the healing process for all humanity on our fragile planet. Care With Me is an ongoing effort to contribute to Tulum’s sustainability. While Tulum remains an ecological refuge from overdevelopment, its accelerated growth has expedited the need for immediate action and resolution of environmental concerns we all share. Join with us and take the pledge to help keep Tulum a heaven on earth we all can share.

Our Commitment

In an effort to raise awareness and bring solutions, Care With Me continues to operate year round and has 4 areas of action:

1. Establish good practices at festival venues to reduce environmental impact.
2. Host talks, workshops and art activities that will advice attendees how to take action.
3. Support the development and implementation of a Solid Waste Management Plan forTulum.
4. Involvement in world wide movements and seeking of alliances with national and international leaders that are educating and inspiring action for a more sustainable future.

Give Back Tulum

This year we are receiving donations that will be invested in the project “Puntos Limpios”, as part of the Educational Programs of our Solid Waste Management Action Plan for Tulum.

The proceeds will help us raise awareness about the environmental issues in Tulum and install 12 recycling stations in the urban area.

Find out more about “Puntos Limpios”


Razonatura is a non-profit organization working on conservation and sustainable development in the region since 2007. Razonatura will help on the administration of the funding as it did in 2018 to ensure transparency.

Monthly reports will be generated with photographic evidence of the implementation of the Puntos Limpios and related activities.


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