Marianela Fuentes is a Mexican female artist originally from Saltillo Coahuila, located in the northeast part of Mexico, this part of the country has a rich paleontological history given the founding of ancient fossils of dinosaurs and the high activity from the national research of the Mexican Institute of Ancient Civilization that are focused on the first animal beings on this earth: Dinosaurs.

Marianela major in Psychology and Plastic Arts, concentrating on patterns in the natural world and meditation. Then trained in studio art and fabrication, she thrives in the creative process, creating thought provoking artwork that investigates patterns and forms as a way to educate and inspire.

Main intrigue comes from the inner part of the mind, in which she has done her inner work with different types of meditation practices and follow her thoughts into action by using art as an expressions with the right use of different materials to create master Art Pieces. photography’ blending a variety of tactile elements and unique printing techniques which bring each work to life.

Marianela in her time living in India, learned with the best craftsman gurus acquiring different types of right mechanic structure of materials to use, based on elasticity modules, blending, colorimetry and breaking materials to know how the composition affects the final result.

The artist always had the passion to communicate the maturity of consciousness of herself and the impact through art that awakens our thoughts to a new path of enlightenment.