Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge (born November 1968) is a British DJ, producer, and record label owner, who helped launch the underground club scene in Hong Kong during the early 1990s, and today plays at nightclubs across the world.

Lee Burridge’s DJ career began in the tiny tourist village of Eype in the county of Dorset on 26 December 1983, when he played for the first time at The New Inn. A bar owned and run by his parents at the time. With the help of his father, shortly thereafter Burridge started his own mobile DJ operation, “Cutz” and spent the next few years travelling the surrounding countryside villages and towns playing weddings, birthday parties and even the occasional funeral. Working as a mobile DJ led to a seasonal opportunity at a local holiday resort. Soon after that, Burridge began performing every weekend at the local town’s nightclub where he played mostly chart music while also entertaining the crowd with his antics behind the decks as well as on the microphone.